a step above organics with our custom built aquaponic system

garden freshness year round

at our innovative aquaponic facility we grow fresh shoots and leafy greens for the
Saskatchewan & Western Canadian market no matter the season

thanks to the custom indoor ecosystem every day is a perfect day in our gardens

spring fresh taste


small but mighty

we ship our garden fresh product across the prairies, look for our product in select Saskatchewan stores and across Western Canada in SOBEYS & SAFEWAY stores

if we are not in your favorite store let us know and we will work to get on the shelves

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loaded with nutrients - packed with flavour

forget lettuce try PEA SHOOTS instead

eat more greens

a step above organics

each week we grow hundreds of pounds of fresh shoots & leafy greens that are loaded with nutrients and packed with flavor. They are high in vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and plant proteins

our facility is pesticide free and we use organic growing standards to produce our tasty shoots and leafy greens

the future of farming

unique on the prairies our custom built aquaponic facility we blend nature and science together to grow nutritious shoots & leafy greens

with an eye towards sustainability and the future our facility uses less water then traditional growing systems, was constructed to minimize heating needs

a fish grew this

AQUAPONICS  is a innovative food production system that combines conventional aquaculture, the raising of fish - Koi in our case, with hydroponics, the growing of plants in water

our custom system mimics nature to grow nutritious, garden fresh, shoots & leafy greens no matter the season